Podcast Episode 7 – Interview with BetweenTwo

Podcast Episode 7 – Interview with BetweenTwo

In episode seven of our podcast, we update on the progress of the Builtinfire Project and then have an extremely enlightening conversation with a Hip Hop Artist from Fremantle, Western Australia – BetweenTwo.

You can listen below or find in your favourite podcast app.

Key points from the Buillinfire Project update:

  • Saving up for the new multi-channel interface which will allow us to record drums in our home studio. We will be doing a full review of the interface once tested.
  • We’ve purchased the iRig guitar/bass interface to allow us to work on our songs remotely. We’ll be doing a full review on the iRig once tested. This will give us more flexibility and options when it comes to our practising.
  • New songs are in the process of being written and could be the make up of our first EP. They are different from anything heard from us to date and will remain “hush-hush” until closer to the time of release.

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